"We find Physics-online.com very useful. Several members of the department have used the service as part of their teaching and we have also allocated lesson time for our 6th form students to log on to physics online and explore topics for themselves.
The value to us is that we know that within a few seconds of logging on, we have access to a library of high quality animations that are pitched to the right level for our students.
Graham Sargen Head of Physics JFS School UK.

We use Physics On-line on a very regular basis - so much so it is incorporated in our schemes of work. It is great to have so many virtual resources in one place and catalogued so well. They both enhance the experiments we do and allow experiments which could not be done in the classroom.

Matthew MacKenzie - Head of Physics, Eltham College.

"Your site is excellent"

Simmone Hewitt - Abbey College Manchester

"It's more than a website. It's a filing cabinate stuffed with lesson activities"

Times Educational Supplement

"I'd like to thank you and your team for doing such a marvellous job in creating this website."

Arjun Kukadia, Physics Teacher, UK

"thanks this is a really great site...kids and students are going to love it"

Patrick Ruggier - St Josephs USA

"wonderful material that was very useful, especially in crunch times"

Robert Baines. Franklin Police and Fire High School USA

"This is the coolest site. I strongly advise physics teachers check it out"

Jo Rea - Jackson High School, USA

"Physics-online.com provides me with all the physics software resources I need for my A-level and GCSE teaching."

Head of Science, UK.